Thursday, August 15, 2019

Meet Our Guest Designer: INGUNN MARKIEWICZ

We are so excited to have a second Guest Designer join us this month.  We love her clean and colorful style,  her photography and all her stories.   Please join me in welcoming INGUNN MARKIEWICZ to Citrus Twist Kits.  Wait til you see what she has created.



I was born and raised in Norway but currently live in the Seattle area with my husband, two little kids, and an adorable Italian Greyhound. I love spending my free time running or hiking in the mountains and then coming home to scrapbook about it, reliving all of my favorite moments. 


·  When did you start scrapbooking?

In 2006, I wandered into a craft store in Norway to buy materials for our wedding invitations. I noticed some scrapbooking products next to the pretty paper, and something just clicked in my head and I knew this was a hobby I would enjoy. I fumbled around a bit at first, unsure of how to start making layouts I actually liked, but after reading Cathy Zielske's book's later that year, I found my style: clean, simple, focusing on the photos and the stories. 

·  What is something most people would not know about you?

People often assume that I'm very outgoing and adventurous since I'm in the mountains a lot, but I'm actually incredibly introverted and first and foremost a homebody. I guess I'm kind of hobbit-like - I love to be in the comfort of my own home, but once in a while I the need for a long journey kicks in.

·  What are the 3 scrapbooking products you can’t live without?

Photoshop, my printer, and chipboard.

·  What do you love about the August Life Crafted kit?

The florals, the acetate pieces, and the fact that the general theme of chasing rainbows fits my headspace perfectly right now. I'm going through a rough patch (as I'm sure you'll be able to see from my projects) and I am looking for the silver linings and searching out the rainbows and sunshine...and using scrapbooking to work through my feelings.

·  Finish this sentence “If you could see my scrapbooking space now . . . “ would be a giant mess. We are preparing to host house guests and I need to turn my scrapbook space into an extra guest room, so I am currently scrapbooking on the floor like some sort of savage, surrounded by homeless product.


For my first project, I let the "just enjoy where you are right now" card spark the idea for my page. I'm using a Life Crafted album to keep the summer moments I want to remember this year, and one of those memories is from when I was having lunch with my toddler and managed to dig through all the depressive feelings I was having and instead focus on the present. I grabbed a photo from that day along with the caption I had written about it on instagram, which I printed onto that beautiful floral card. 

I decided I wanted more of the floral on the opposing side, so I used Photoshop to turn the digital version of the card into a 2x4 piece for the pocket below the photo. I was about to call it good when I noticed the phrase "take a moment to value the present" in the digital stamp set, which could not have been more perfect for this page! It looked a little too harsh in black, so I decided to play with a two-toned version - I used one white version and one blue version, erasing the sections I didn't need.

I like to keep things very simple, so once everything was printed out and put into pockets, I just added two embellishments - the white chipboard circle to add an element of interest on the journaling card, and an acetate piece to fill in the white space at the bottom of the photo. The red on the acetate piece also mirrored the red journaling card to further help tie the two sides of the spread together

Thanks so much for joining me, and i will be back with a new project, soon!


What a beautiful Life Crafted layout that INGUNN is sharing with us today, we love it!  Remember to check more of her work on her Instagram feed - you are going to love her!-

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