Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Open Post | October pocket pages spread with Lory

Hey there! How are you friends? It's a very strange period all over the world and I think that never like now creativity is our best and stronger weapon! Creativity keeps our mind healthy and same and this is so important! Especially during hard times! It's my way to download  stress, worries, and to drive down bad thoughts. Are you agree?

I have finally received my new Life Crafted albums and I couldn't wait to use the new page protectors! I am a fan of insta images and it was a lot I wanted to use one of it.  Why do I love pocket pages, Life crated album so deeply! Because this kind of creativity, storytelling has stole my heart! It's a way to feel better and to put outside what I have inside me. I often love to write, to tell something about me, my current feelings, my current mood. Small vittoriese are the best! They are the greatest one step at a time! Slowly but constantly!

So I told this little but so meaningful stories and I repeat to myself "don't  give up"!

To tell my story I have used the lovely October kit Flourish together the September kit The best part. I created my own embellishments with the fabulous READY FOR THIS stamps and stitching each comic strip to the background paper. I have added a phrase that reminds me to not give up, to embrace imperfection, to grow and bloom! 

Love the final result. Then I added a piece of paper from the july scrapbook add on kit. That phrase was perfect for this story.  In the end just added my computer journaling in a 3x4 journaling card and than a quote card perfect to me! Less Rush more Life! So meaningful!

What do you think? With the amazing Citrus Twist stamps you can create gorgeous embellishments! I can't finish to tell my stories without the use of a stamp! Love them all to pieces!

Thank you so much for watching and can 't wait to see how you use these so adorable page protectors. Hope to inspire you.

Have a great day.

Love, Lory

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