Saturday, March 7, 2020

3 to Inspire with Amy Jo Vanden Brink

Hello!  I'm excited to be back with you this weekend with a 3 to Inspire challenge!  This month I'm going a little bit outside of the box for my 3 things, and I hope to encourage you to do the same.  

I started by gathering my 3 items;
1- the Gold Puffy Alphabet (swoon!)
2- the numbered tags from the ephemera package (double swoon!)
3- the digital ephemera pieces (I don't often go hybrid in my pocket pages, but these elements were too good to pass up!

I started by using the digital pieces to create 4 cards, the Friday, Saturday, Sunday tabs at the top of a white 3x4 card, and the weekend file folder printed at a width of 4 inches (the width ends up being more than 3 inches, but I cut off the side I didn't want).  I also printed the black RELAX circle at a size that I knew I would be able to use one of my circle punches to cut out (1.5 inches) and the blue "always on my heart" tag I enlarged to fill a 3x4 card.

I used the gold puffy letters to add the dates and then to highlight some of the activities we did over the weekend as well.  I always like using an alphabet like this to create connection across the spread and add some context to photos.

The numbered tags were so awesome in the ephemera pack, that I knew I wanted to use them all together rather than split them up.  So I spread them across the photos and cropped edges off as necessary to make them fit on the sides and tops of photos.

A look at the right side of the spread.

And the left side.

I hope this pocket page gives you some inspiration on how to use those digital elements!  You may have noticed I managed to sneak a 4th item in there, I cannot resist the puffy hearts, so a few of them ended up joining the tags!

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  1. beautiful layout. love the crisp white journal cards