Saturday, March 28, 2020

3-to-Inspire with Shannon

Hello crafty friends! Shannon here with a 3-to-Inspire post for you to give you some ideas for your next project. On this spread I'm using the March WEEKENDER Life Crafted Kit, Weekend Life stamp, and printable cutaparts.

My 3-to-Inspire items are:
1. Use a stamp
2. Make a cluster
3. Use puffy hearts

First, we'll start with the stamping. I used a stamp from the Weekend Life stamp set on the top right card with a sentiment about Sundays. Can anyone else relate? I also used a card from the March WEEKENDER Life Crafted Kit to stamp on that "currently" tag. I love stamping on my projects! In fact, I had a video on the CTK YouTube channel just a couple of weeks ago that includes stamping tips.

Next, let's add a cluster. This spread has clusters all over. I find that clusters help me ground embellishments so they don't feel like they're floating on the page. I often try to make my clusters using an odd number of embellishments. Something about it pleases my eye more than an even number of embellishments.

Finally, add some puffy heart stickers. I cannot get enough of the puffy heart stickers that often come in the Life Crafted kits! They come in such a wide variety of colors and sizes. On this spread, I used two hearts on the left side and one on the right. I used them to create a visual triangle (I'm using the triangle shape very liberally in this spread). Visual triangles are a great design technique to help the eye move around the page.

I hope my 3-to-Inspire has given you great inspiration for your next page. I can't wait to see what you make!

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