Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tuesday Tutorial with Adele

Hey Scrappy Peeps!!

Today I am up with a little Tuesday Tutorial for you all (complete with a process video). I am sure most readers have dabbled in documenting birthdays previously - all those big party smiles, delicious cakes and sparkling candles.

But what about the lead up to the big day? We often forget all the little preparation details that join together to make a day of celebration. Today I am showing you how to use pocket pages to document those little moments that happen before the big day - a perfect way for non-Project Lifers to include those photos of DIY birthday projects, yummy party cooking, or birthday presents you've picked without dedicating a whole 12x12 layout to each aspect.

I encourage all of you to give this a go, and use pocket pages to document the ways that you get ready for a birthday. Even if you do not have a party, there's little steps that help make the day special. Maybe the choosing or making of a birthday card? Perhaps buying the ingredients to cook the birthday boy/girl's fav meal? Or even documenting the present you chose to give the person and why? 

For Archie's first birthday we had a big party of 40+ people at our house (not something we will do every year!!!) and I went a little DIY decoration mad...of course hehe! I snapped some process shots of a special high chair skirt I made and included the before and after in this week's layout. 

I also wanted to make sure I documented the "present buying" guide I shopped by and add little more info about what I bought and why. This is something that I will continue to add each year as a fun way to document Archie's changing tastes throughout the years. 

I also added a photo of Archie the day before his birthday in his fav spot doing his fav pastime - flipping through picture books on his little couch. I also hope to do this each year as well. 

I've made an accompanying process video chatting more about my idea for Tuesday Tutorial this month. I hope you enjoy it!!

If you're a non-Project Lifer, I challenge you to buy a little pack of page protectors (or dig out that dusty pack you bought ages ago and have shoved at the back of your craft shelf hehe!!) and try documenting the behind the scenes of an important birthday. 

See you next time!

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