Saturday, June 16, 2018

3-to-inspire | Kristel

Hi all! So, today's post is sadly my last as a CTK DT member as I'm moving on.
I've had such a great time for the past 9 months, creating new projects each month, and I hope
you have been inspired by them.

For today's post I have been working with the Scrapbook kit for a change, instead of my regular Pocket Life kit.
The kit included a lovely paper with some 3x4 cards and tags on it, which I've both used.
I started by picking which 3x4 cards I wanted to use and then added some 12x12 papers into the mix, by cutting some 4x6 cards out of them :-)

As I only had 3x4 photos I didn't have any to fill up the 4x6 pockets, as I usually like to fill up these spaces with full size photos.
I didn't like the idea of using the middle row for photos and fill up the rest with paper, so I mixed some things up from my regular work flow.
I still wanted to have at least two photos fill up some 4x6 pockets, so I chose to add them to a 4x6 card in a way it looks like the pocket consists of two 3x4 instead of one 4x6 pocket.

I then still had two "blank" 4x6 cards which needed some decoration. The first one, on top, became a title card with a simple title and some enamel dots. The second one, on the bottom, became a filler card with a cute tag and pink (!) cockatoo; I love it!

Your prompts for today's 3-to-inspire are as followed:

- Create a Pocket Page with a scrapbook kit or scrapbook papers for a change :-)
- Try to stick with 2 colors which compliment each other
- Be creative with the layout and pocket sizes. Try creating an illusion of split pockets or combine two pockets to make them look larger, for example: Cut a 4x6 photo in two and place them into two 3x4 pockets next to each other.

- Extra prompt: Devote a page to yourself with some awesome selfies <3

I hope you are inspired by these prompts, and my project of course, and I wish you all a lovely weekend!

Love, Kristel

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