Friday, June 15, 2018

Pocket Life Challenge with Diane

Hi guys! Diane here with another Pocket Life Challenge for you!

I used both the Pocket Life kit and the Embellishment kit this week and I challenged myself to use those dreaded rub-ons in the Embellishment pack. I never have good luck with rub-ons, they never go where I want them to, or they go everywhere! Plus these ones were travel-themed and we did not go anywhere for this particular week. But I knew if I didn't use them now, I never would. So challenge accepted Diane! 

And I have to say, I quite like the result! Even though they are travel-themed, there were enough general ones that I could really make a statement on my spread. None of them are perfect, probably more to do with my application than the actual rub-ons, but I love how they add a little emphasis to my photos. Turns out, using something you don't love every once in a while can be a really good thing.

Here is the process video for how this weeks page came together (don't laugh at my rub-on application though!) ...

So my challenge for you this week is: Try using something you wouldn't normally reach for! It doesn't have to be rub-ons, but find something you would normally put straight in your "no" pile and use it with abandon! Let me know what you think of the results!

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