Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Pocket Page Challenge with Shannon


Hello there, crafty friends! Shannon here with a pocket page to share. I used the November 2020 LEGENDARY Life Crafted Kit and the Legends stamp set to bring this page together. I made use of the digital journaling cards to type up my journaling because I clearly had a lot to say about these photos! I love digital journaling cards for making sure I can get a lot of thoughts into a small space.

When I first pull a page together I like to decide what my primary colors and accent colors will be. You can see that I have a lot of teal and that golden yellow throughout the page. I added a few peeks of pink as an accent. This prevents a page from becoming too overwhelming. I wanted a card that incorporated all of those color so I just made my own. I took a piece of patterned paper from the 6x8 paper pack and cut it down to size. Then I chose some stamps from the Life Crafted stamp set to add to labels. The whole stamp phrase actually reads "little moments that make life big" on one full line. I inked small parts at a time to split it up between the labels. To ink the words in the middle I simply covered the rest with a post it to prevent them from getting inked up. I opted to use a different stamp that had "big" in a different font for the repeated stamping on the last label. A few accents of plus signs and enamel dots and this card was finished!

I always seek to find a balance between busy cards and those with more simplicity on my page. I did exactly that with this journaling card about my daughter and her best friend. I added a vellum phrase sticker for a bit of color and let the focus be on the story of their friendship and my feelings about it.

I wanted a little more of that golden yellow in my page so I opted to print my photo in an Instax size (grab the Photoshop template in the files section of the Citrus Twist Kits Fan Page on Facebook). I printed it in black and white to let it really pop against the golden background.

The teal card with the large white space in the middle just begged to be stamped! I used the Legends stamp set to create this sentiment. Did you know that when you buy the large add on stamps they come with ideas to combine the stamps for different looks? Flip over your packaging and take a look! This idea was too good to pass up.

I appreciate cards with individual spaces for journaling. I find these are the perfect spots for a few quick words about multiple photos on my page. I used numbers from the foam alpha that's included in the Life Crafted Kit to number my photos that correspond with the number for their journaling block. This is a super simple way to let the people flipping through your albums know exactly what photo you're talking about.

And that's it! Pick your primary color(s), pick your accent color(s), and seek a good balance of busy and simple. I can't wait to see your projects with the November 2020 LEGENDARY Life Crafted Kit. Happy creating!

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