Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Open Post| November everyday Stories with Lory


Hey friends! Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope you alla are safe and healthy!

Here we stay at home. home working, home schooling, home everything he he but I am happy because I'm enjoying the time with my family and positive vibes that this gives me. We are storytellers is it right? So we tell good and bad stories, what we live everyday makes us a growing person , a better person. 

This time i have told the story of my husband accident... it's true we have one life but if we live it in the best way we can one is enough and we don't have to give neither a minute of it for grande! I have learned this lately better than any other time in my whole life.

My husband has been miracled and I am happy to tell this story just because I can tell a happy end story! It has been a rise and spine kind of situation! A sort of second possibility and I want to take it and do good things ahead! I want to live my life in a different way than before! So my advise is tell your real stories, not just the good and the special occasions, every single day matters, even the worst day has something to tell us!

In this days you understand, you really understand how much family counts! 

I have used the amazing November kit Legendary and the beautiful digitals! Just a simple story using the TN digital papers and some of the journal cards you find in the kit, the 4x6 card with a picture in the same size. I have fold them at 10 cm to create a sort of little door to my journaling and photo. 

Learn something for the days that are not like you would and you will rise and spine for sure!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Love, Lory

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