Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Pocket Page Challenge with Lisa Varshine

Hi guys! I'm back with another pocket page challenge today. There are so many ways that the theme of this month's kit is helping me document this really unique (to put it lightly) time in our lives. I decided to use the hourly PL cards to give a snapshot of what our new normal looks like.
For this page, I included snapshots of little things around the house that are making me happy right now. I wanted it to be a quick and easy page, and I consciously chose NOT to include any photos of the kids or myself.
I included a lego house my daughter built, a chalk drawing from our many hours spent outside, the bookshelf in the playroom, and a messy plate I was using as an impromptu paint palette.
I used the digital files of these hourly cards to enter little details about our schedule. That allowed me to include more information than I could have fit with handwritten journaling. This was a very simple page with very few chipboard embellishments, but I still love the story it tells.
I'd love to challenge you guys to put together a similar page as a little act of gratitude. I hope you all are healthy and happy, surrounded by family right now.

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