Thursday, April 23, 2020


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We are so happy to welcome Brandi back again to our blog (hopefully not for the last time) and share a bit more of her amazing work with you all...  SO, i will let Brandi take over from here on...

It all started with a card. My first tendency, if we’re being honest, is to hoard what I love. I want to keep items for the “just right” moment, that perfect fit, but really, I’ll be weighing out what that means forever, and all the things I love will just collected dust in well organized bins. So, when I grabbed this card out of the April kit, I really had to fight that urge to tuck away for safe keeping.

Instead of simply filing it away, this time I asked myself, what makes me so happy about this card? What, beyond the color and design, gives me the flutters when I look at it? The answer was simple - my Nephew. I look at the jar, and the expanse it holds, and I think of Benjamin and who he is, what he carries with him, what he brings in to the world, and what he takes from it. Of course, I was mapping out a pocket page for this, to pair his photo and the card, but it wasn’t quite right, it wasn’t enough - I knew I’d need more space for words.

I’m a wordy gal (I know that’s obvious by now), so I journaled first, look at what I had, and then decided how to pair that with the card and the photo. Because I had a few more words than expected, I decided to rethink the space a bit, and moved my plan to a full 8.5x11 page (I love this old size so much some days).

While I love building a page using photos and pocket size cards, at this point, my love for the scene inside the card had grown, and I knew I wanted it bigger, so digital I went! By enlarging the digital of the card, I was able to layer it behind the photo and text on the page, making it a bigger part of the scene and drawing attention to the details of the image without taking away completely from the text and photo. This also *cough* means I get to keep the beautifully printed original card for another use (but I promise not to hoard it!). Since I was already playing with digitals, I layered two of the kit stamps on top of the photo, altering black and white so they’d be easy to see. I just love those subtle colors of the card design paired with the smartness of the black and white.

I’m a big fan of Hybrid layouts, mixing digital and physical products, mostly because I LOVE dimension. Give me a little foam adhesive to give rise to those gorgeous die cuts any day. Sprinkling in a few of the colorful die cuts not only draws attention around the page, but it also lets me call out meaningful words that echo the story I’m telling. I just love that. It’s a simple page, full of heart - I adore how possible these kits make a project like this.


How awesome is this layout!  She was able to take a few of our Digital Files and  transform them into a heartfelt page.  AMAZING!!!  We just adore Brandi (and are so honored to call her a friend) and how she is able to bring her stories to live with simplicity and lots of heart.
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Stay Safe!

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