Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Pocket Page Challenge with Amy Jo Vanden Brink

Hey!  I'm back with a pocket page layout and a challenge for you today.  Because of the awesome daytime/nighttime theme of this kit, I thought I would challenge you to use that theme in your pocket layout.  Instead of laying out my week chronologically, I used the left side to add all of my night time routines, and the right side to put all of my daytime stories.  This allowed me to use the kit pieces a little differently than I have ever done it before.
I started with a clear line down the middle, with night on the left and day on the right from the ephemera package.  I tried to pull papers that would help with the two themes (flowers for day, stars for night).
For the nighttime side, I used the LC stamp and made my own jornaling card (which I did again on the daytime side to create a great repeated element).
The whole thing ended up with a really great vibe, and I love how the stories fit so well into their spots this way.  I didn't have as many small pockets for the daytime side, so I used some of the pieces from both the LC kit and the add-on to make some small, interesting layers to fill out the spots where I didn't have a photo or journaling.

I hope that this idea gives you a jumping off point for your pocket pages this week, and a neat way to tell stories for the week!

Amy Jo

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