Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tuesday Tutorial: Making a Mini Album with Tara

Hello lovelies! Today I'm sharing a simple tutorial to make a mini album. After my first attempt at making one, I have fallen head over heels for these little guys!! They are so cute and I'm on a mission to make more. This mini album is going out to my parents this time.

*Warning - this post is picture heavy - I wanted to share the entire mini album with you!

I used September's "Maggie" PL kit with the Embellishment kit. Here is the cover of my mini album:

I loved the exclusive patterned paper in the "Maggie" Main kit and used that to cover my album. 

Here are the materials I used to make the mini album:
I cut down my 8.5x11 inch paper to 6x8 inches. I then scored the paper down the middle at 4 inches. This makes my mini album roughly 4x6 inches. I then assembled the three sheets together and the outer patterned paper and lined them up at the score line. I took a small punch and made 5 holes down the center. I used some thread, a needle, and used a saddle stitch to bind the book together. If you don't have these materials, you can always use washi tape or glue. This is a simple way to sew an album if you don't have a sewing machine, like me. Don't forget to glue down the cover paper to the kraft/cardstock paper.

Here is the assembled mini album:

You can see here the middle of the book where I hand-stitched it:

Then comes the fun part! Getting out your photos, pretty papers, and embellishments and filling it up! Here is my completed mini album:

I just love the gold Maggie Holmes stickers so much.

I kept the left side simple since I had a lot of layered patterns on the opposite side. This is one of my favorite photos - I used it in my previous album!

Here is a close up:
I can't get enough of the cut out words included on a 4x6 card in the PL kit. I cut them out and used them a ton this month!

A close up of the next page:

This time I really wanted to capture my boys' writing so I asked them to each share a little note. This mini album is for my parents and I knew they would love to see their handwriting.

I re-used a glassine envelope from a previous kit and cut down the 4x6 card. I love how my son drew a moon and a star to go with "I love you to the moon and back" phrase. The Crate Paper Cool Kid yellow star paper clip is my favorite!!! I used it to keep the two 3x4 cards together and secured in the glassine pocket.

We have a funny little story about the "Grandpa/Grandma Taco" thing and it's something we continue to laugh about. I love how the boys still call my parents that and I'm pretty sure it's special to them too.

Here is the next page:

I loved the ephemera pack from The Reset Girl that was included in the PL kit! I couldn't stop finding more ways to use the cute little pieces. I added in some stamped phrases from this month's stamp too.

And the last page:

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you give making min albums a go! I had so much fun creating this one.

Have a wonderful day!
Xxo, Tara

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