Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tuesday Tutorial: Faux Stitching with Stamps

Hello all! Wendy here to share up a Tuesday Tutorial using the wonderful Citrus Twist Kits stamps and 'stitching'.  Well, let's say, 'faux stitching'.

You can achieve the look of machine stitching or hand stitching with using the past August stamp sets.

Let's get started!

1. Start by using the stamps from the Citrus Twist Kits (CTK) August 2016 Pocket Life kit and any past CTK stamps that have similar designs.   As soon as I saw the stitched and zig zag lines stamps in the set, I knew I wanted to create a faux stitched effect on my layout.

2. Stamp around the border of your paper in repetition with the stitched lines stamp.  Then, switch it up and add the zig zag lines stamp for added interest along some of the stitched lines.

3. Use a black fine tip journaling pen to create some freehand stitching to mimic 'loose threads' along the stamped lines and zig zags.   Be careful not to overdo it ("less is more") for just a few random add-ins of the freehand stitching.

That's it, done!  Easy peasy, eh?

You can embellish the rest of your layout as you like with pattern papers, stamps, chipboard title work, more freehand stitching on some of the pattern papers to tie it all in together, ephemera, and stickers from the Citrus Twist Kits.  

Also, I added a touch of hybrid scrapbooking with the digital elements (i.e. days of the week) overlay on my photo by using Photoshop.

**Bonus tutorial:  Also, I added in some handmade enamel dots by using the Nuvo Crystal Drops available over in the CTK shop.  Seriously, those drops are addictive!  I want ALL the 20+ colors!  Just a heads up...I'll have a quickie tutorial coming to my Instagram (@lifepapersoul).  I'll come back here and drop it in this post for how to add those to your project.  

I had fun with this layout!  

Let's see you give it a try with 'faux stitching' on your next project!

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial!


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