Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Let's get digital with Aimee Dow

I've decided I'm going to be a cut file designer. I don't expect it to make me millions or even enough to fill a piggy bank. It will however be a great defence when my husband asks why I have doodled all over our latest electricity bill - I was inspired and it just couldn't wait. Having said that here is my my latest doodle "design" from the back of the target receipt.

No one should ever leave their fine liners unguarded around me, but the good news is that you all benefit! Just click on the raw gem design above and you can download the .svg file and/or the .jpg file from my google drive. Then the word is your oyster. Make it big and use up all your pattern paper scraps filling it in, shrink it down and add it to you clusters or even make it your boarder. Just think of the possibilities. Jewel layouts for girls AND boys. Any page that you can put "Crystal Clear" in the title. Hell you could even back it with brown and do a layout about the outdoors or rock climbing. Me? Well I choose "You are such a Gem".

I made the page with this months Main and Sprinkles kit. The sprinkles kit has some really great little gem looking ephemera in it. I love the subtle use of the cut file here. It filled a huge gap in my design too. If you'd like to give this cut file a go I would LOVE to see it. You can tag @aimee_dow on instagram. Oh and don't forget to hashtag it #citrustwistkits and #aimeedow.

Aimee Xx

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