Monday, September 12, 2016

In My Studio with Elizabeth

Hello there everyone. I'm here today to share a little peek into my Scrapbook Studio. It's the room in my house that was originally intended for formal dining. I much prefer scrapping to that. ha! Sometimes I feel like it would be nice to have some doors so I could keep out the pup and kids (note cars under the desk.. there are always some toys left behind for me..) But in the end I think it's actually cool that it's in a fairly open space that's central to most of the comings and goings of the house.

Anyone know what time it is? You probably notice I have a thing for clocks. I just like the way they look scattered across the wall. They are all set for 10:10, that way they're always smiling at me.

The dresser against the wall houses tons of my supplies. Cardstock, paper pads, embellishments, wood veneer, stickers, etc. I like that I can just turn around and open a drawer for anything I need. 

 When my Citrus Twist kit arrives (best day EVER) I put all of the contents in my favorite tray. This way I assure that all the elements stay together and are easy to see while I'm creating.

 Here's my favorite little visual. 100% decoration only. Makes me smile.

I keep some of my items in little baskets around the room. They're stored away on carts or shelves. Love, love the eye candy around my space.

Here's a look at the messier side of things.. I try to keep most of the elements organized by type... here we have fancy ribbons, tags, and xl letters. It makes projects come together fairly quickly when I know exactly what kind of element the page needs and can find it easily.

Here's a look at my pocket life storage. 

Punches all together... 

So there is a look at my scrappy space. Thanks for peeking in! These are my favorite kinds of posts, so I hope you enjoyed mine. 

and a look at the page I was finishing up when I took the photos, just for fun..


  1. Oh, you have such style! I want to pin the lot ;) xxx