Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Pocket Life Process with Marie Lottermoser

Hi Everyone!  It's Marie Lottermoser here today to share a little of the process I go through when putting together my Pocket Life pages.

I always start with printing out my photos. I use Photoshop to resize and organize my pictures. If I'm making a double spread layout (for a 6x8 album) I can usually fit all of my pictures on one 8.5" sheet of photo paper.    Once I have my photos printed I go through my Citrus Twist PL kit and choose the paper and embellishments that work best with my photos.

I like narrowing down my options so I'm not overwhelmed when putting together my pages.

Then I get busy putting everything together.  I put my photos in their pockets first and then comes the fun part of adding papers and embellishments.

 I find making my pages this way speeds up the process for me.

I do the same thing when I make single 6x8 pages for my album.  In this case I can usually print all of my photos on one 4x6 piece of photo paper.  Then I make a mini kit pulling cards and embellishments from my PL kit that will work with my pictures.

Having just a few options to go through makes putting cards and photos together a breeze.

And that's a quick look at how I go about making my Pocket Life pages! Thanks so much for joining me today.

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