Tuesday, September 27, 2016

How to break of the routine in pocket scrapbooking - 5 ideas to try right now!

Hello! It’s Kasia here with a little pocket scrapbooking tutorial - or maybe I should call it inspiration - for you all!


I love my pocket pages and I’ve been pretty good with working on my album this year but to be honest the process of creating pocket life pages can get a bit … boring. You know it’s fun but it can get quite repetitive and after 9 months of it I was itching to try something different.


The opportunity came with photos from our recent holidays! I pulled out September Citrus Twist Kits and started playing right away! 

I decided that this time no pocket will stop my creativity and today I want to share some tips and ideas how to break out of the rut in your pocket scrapbooking!

If you constantly use the same design of page protectors go and try something new! For todays spread I used the 12x12 page protector and trimmed it to 9x12 inches. Than I used my fuse tool to make 2 big pockets that separated my page protector into 3x12 and 6x12 inches parts. This new design felt really fresh and different!


On the daily basis I usually forget to use my tools while creating the album. Do you have the same problem? I challenge you to go bold with your tools! To create today’s page I used my Silhouette (I cut the title “workation” with it), my sewing machine (I stitched the title on the top of page protector) and Fuse Tool which helped me to create page protector and close the pocket in which I threw lots of star sequines.


When I first started scrapbooking I used to make lots of layouts and mini albums. I never came back to them when I started pocket scrapbooking, I didn’t feel that I need to until … the day I was making the holiday’s pages! You could create a scrapbooking layout and place it between your pocket pages to add some interest to your album. If you need inspiration check our Sunday Sketch category - you will find plenty of inspiring layout sketches in there!


Don’t let the pockets on your page protector dictate what kind of pictures you can use. Print some bigger photos and cut them to fit the pockets (be careful not to cut through someone’s face - it never works well!) - panoramas and pictures with a view work great with this technique. On my page I built a composition from 4 pictures cut in half - I love the effect!


Breaking rules every now and than is such a great feeling! Come on, documenting memories and pocket scrapbooking should be fun! Cut your pockets. Put the things on top of them. Built some layers. Play with textures. Mix and match photos. Go bold with emebellishments or maybe try some mixed media in your album? It’s your project, your memories and your hobby - have fun with it!


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  1. Okejunciu racja!!! No dobra, złapałaś mnie w miejcu "stuck in a rut"! Dzięki za tę inspirację! Faktycznie dawno nie eksperymentowałam!