Monday, September 19, 2016

Talking colour with Suse

Hey friends! So happy to be back with you today. I thought we might have a little chat about colour... do you have your favourites that you always gravitate towards? I certainly do! A *lot* of my layouts feature my very favourite colours, pink and mint.

But for this layout, I wanted more 'pop' than pastel... so here are a few of my tips for getting a really fresh, zingy look on your page.

I love papers like this original Citrus Twist Kits design: it's fresh and bright, but has those gorgeous graphic elements positioned in just the right places to really help frame your cluster. So from the word go, there's colourful interest happening in the background without it overwhelming anything.

My next tip would be to be a tiny bit braver and take a side-step away from your regular favourites. The bubblegum pink of her t-shirt looks delightful next to that bright hit of canary yellow; the hot pink title really zings on it's jade background. And I love how the turquoise flair works next to that yellow heart. 

We've even got bright red in there with the strawberry design on her top... but to me, the colours don't clash. They just pop away next to each other quite happily!

I've not used them on this layout, but other accent colours that work well alongside our girly favourites include orange, periwinkle blue and lime green. And of course: black and white!

My final tip for using bright colours is to keep the colour pops restrained. In the same way that a pair of red and turquoise cushions look awesome on a plain white sofa, make sure you're leaving plenty of white space, both to allow your image to breathe and to allow your eye to rest as it roams the page.

Thank you so much for joining me today: I'd love to hear your tips on how you use colour a little more bravely!


  1. this is just stunning!! i can't stop looking at it!! absolutely eye catching and engaging!!! LOOOOOVE!!! :)

  2. what an amazing layout. pure eye candy. thanks for sharing this!