Saturday, September 17, 2016

3 to Inspire with Mira

Hello Hello!

Are You ready for new edition of 3 to inspire challenge!?

You can find this challenge here every Saturday for those who need a little extra creative push to get scrapbooking, to keep scrapbooking or for those who just like a challenge! Your take on this challenge can be a layout or a PL spread and remember that you'll want to include all 3 prompts on your project.

The prompts for this week are:

1. Use as many white, thick frames around photos as possible
2. Choose the pocket page design or a layout composition that You haven't try before (or didn't use for a long time)
3. Don't use filter on Your pictures

I love how this challenge pushes me to try new ideas! It's amazing! I tend to use the same page protector design over and over again, always use as many pictures as possible and they are most likely to be the size of 4x6 in the landscape orientation. Boredom boredom You are welcome!
But for today I managed to experiment a bit and went out of my comfort zone! Yay! And I really like the results!
Here are my two pocket pages made for today:

And what do I have here?

Plenty of pictures (couldn't skip that tone!) that my Sister took with her phone, when we were spending time at the beach. And even more pictures taken by my lovely friend who was spending a very wonderful weekend in the mountains with me a few weeks back (these pictures were also taken by the smartphone camera :)).

Not even one picture was treated with filter! This is not common for me, but as You can see they don't need any enhancement! I love them! BTW, how often do You use pictures taken by someone else? This was kind of new for me!

I was working with September "Maggie" Pocket Life Kit together with Embellishment Kit and additionally I used a lot of white thick paper to create the base of my layouts (white frames white frames).

Here are some details:

Squares squares squares - not often You can find these page protectors in my album! But they look sooo good! I need to use them more often! And white frames will make Your pages to look clean and elegant.

I hope this is inspiring for You! Please, please, please if You have to remember ONE thing from today's post let it be: Get Out Of Your Comfort Zones More Often :D

Thank You Guys! Now is your turn! Use the three prompts to create your own projects and share them with us in the CTK Gallery and/or on our Facebook Fan Page by Saturday, September 24th, for a chance to win. You can also upload to Instagram and tag us @citrustwistkits.

Have fun!

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