Thursday, September 29, 2016

Make Your Layout interactive

Hello at the end of this lovely month!

It's Mira Jurecka here and today I'd like to show You a very nice and simple (yep yep yep!) idea how You can make Your pocket album a bit interactive and even more fascinating. So let me share what I have for Ya!

I created a single-page layout to include in my pocket album:

I really love this picture of my daughter and I. Since I'm rarely appearing in our family albums it had to find it's place in my album - that's for sure! In a HUGE format of course! Thanks to the products from September PL + Embellishment kits I was able to embellish this picture just the way it was supposed to be treated!

Huge picture + two fancy papers from mini-paper pad and a lot of stickers and paper elements! Niiiiice!
Yet, I was still missing something here!

Look at our faces:

We are smiling, looking happy, but this wasn't enough for me! It wasn't fancy enough!
Then I saw those paper glasses in PL Kit! Perfect match!

...but I was scared to change the picture that I love so much into something totally different. Funny but 100% different! What would You do in this situation?

I was trying the glasses on and taking them off, trying on and taking off - couldn't decide what to do!

And then the AHA-moment came! I realized that I can create even more fun - just by attaching the set of glasses to the page protector and use it interactively instead of adhering them to the picture for good!

Now this is how I imagine the future: Ola and I are watching the album and we are playing with these glasses TOGETHER! Trying them on and taking them off!! And laughing a lot! Isn't that fun!?
So simple!
Single paper clip can make such a huge difference!

I am really happy that these awesome star clips were included in September Embellishment Kit! They just made this layout super royal!

I hope my idea will push You even further and that You will try to find more tricks for Your albums! Don't forget to share them with me! And if You already have one, please share them too!

Now I can only wish You a very happy scraping!

Thanks for reading!

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