Monday, July 6, 2015

In my Studio with Mira

Hi there!
It's Mira here and today I invite You for a little tour into the place where I create. I was planning to write this post for a veeeery long time, but it was Citrus Twist Kits that actually motivated me to do it! I hope You will enjoy visiting this part of my everyday world.

First of all - it's hard to call it Studio, but ok - let it be my studio for a while!
To be more honest - it's more like a part of the small room in our apartment :)

My scrapbooking world is a small part of our daughter's room and it will stay this way as long as we prefer Ola to sleep in our bedroom.
So here it is - wide desk and a few drawers :)
I am really happy to have that space well organised. I often check what things I no longer like/need and donate it to the relatives (mostly kids :D) - I don't want to be overwhelmed by too many stuff, cause then I end up not knowing what I have and what I want to use. That's also why I loooove working with kits - it just help me to keep my mind clear! (One of the things hanging near my desk is a little quote that I found on Piterest - tidy desk - tidy mind - this is so true to me!)

Now  let me show You more details!
Left side of the desk is my sewing corner:
Right side is the actual place where I scrap and work on the computer:
Most of my space is dedicated to Pocket Scrapbooking :)

Here's for example how I store PL cards (ordered by colors) and some of my favourite stamps and washi tapes:
In those mini paper bags I keep color pencils, paper cips, scraps of papers and my very recent purchase - BH fuse tool:

My desk has two gorgeously huge drawers, that I just admire! They let me have tidy desk with a really quick access to everything that I need!
I keep it all in small containers: pictures, paper cuts, stickers - things like that!

Right drawer is perfect to hide the computer when I work with papers:
And here's how I store the monthly kits:
On the right side I also keep my Silhouette Portraits and I have a few more drawers here - filled with stamps and inks, chipboard cuts, hard drives, envelopes, etc. I keep the rest of my supplies in the Ikea Raskog basket - twines, threads, badges, paper clips, embellishments:
Accrylic spray paints, basic tools, buttons, wood chips, ribbons, sequins, glitter, etc:
And on the left side of "my creative wall" there is a bookstand full of boxes that are filled with wool and mini albums:
This is it!
As I said - it's not a scrapbooking Studio AT ALL... but it really really is my Favourite spot in the house.

I could finish here - at this exact moment...
or I could also open the rest of my drawers to photograph them for You... (and You would probably yawn)
But I won't do any of it!

I would share a little bit of my desk surroundings instead! Why? Cause I need to prove that this is our daughter's room - kid's room, right?

Here You go - Toys (that inspire me a lot actually):
gorgeous Graphics hanging on the wall:
My hand-made decorations:
And even more decorations:

now I can finally finish this tour...

But before that - one more thing for You to get the whole picture:
here's the view from the window that I am constantly looking at: 
Yep! This is it - now You know everything...You can drop by and scrap with me :)

If You woud like to visit more creative spaces - check what the rest of CTK team presented on the blog so far! Believe me - it's really inspiring material!

I hope that You enjoyed this post!
Have a lovely day!


  1. Goodness, my mouth is watering! Such a beautiful place to work

  2. Wow. Thank you so much for sharing, nice to see how to organize a crafting space that isn't a dedicated room.

  3. What a stunning space, I love it all. I totally need those yellow drawers, can you share where they are from?

    1. Sure Caroline! This is Ikea of course :))

  4. Mira Hi!!
    What a lovely place for you to create!! I love everything about it and the view simply gorgeous!!
    I just love the little paper bags set out on your desk... what a awesome idea.
    If you don't mind me asking where did you get them??
    Thank you for sharing your Happy place!!

    1. Thank You Monica! The bags are from ThatWay: And these are awesome indeed!

  5. Hi!!! Your studio is just amazing!!! Everything in order and beautiful!
    Where did you get the white drawer where you store the PL cars and your favourite stamps? I need it!!! ;)
    Thanks for the inspiration and share it!