Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Pocket Life with Marie-Pierre

Hi everyone!

Marie here and today I would like to walk you through my process of putting a Project Life page together.

At the beginning of the month, I always use an empty calendar that I print on white cardstock and I fill it in with the important stuff of the month. This month I decided to highlight the days where something happened by coloring them with some pink ink. I also added some splatters. The "June", written in French, is a cut file I designed and cut out of black paper.

When I work on my PL album, I try to gather my photos, stories and ephemeras in small groups of  2 or 3 pockets. Here, for example, I was working on a cake for my upcoming daughter's birthday. I used a 4x6 photo, a 2.5x2.5 photo that I printed to look like a polaroid and a 3x4 card for some journaling. I embellished slightly.

Sometimes, when the story is small, I can fit everything on a 3x4 card, like here, for the contest I won at Crate Paper, I simply printed the text that was on the website as part of the photo and added a small word sticker.

The next 3 pockets are for the swim meet. One 3x4 photo, one 4x6 and a 4x6 card full of text with little embellishments. I love to use stitching to add cute details to my cards and photos.

To add journaling, sometimes I have enough of a small label and some letter stickers.

The small stamps coming with the kits are really fun to mix with our own hand writing!!

And the word stickers, labels and cards containing words are very useful too to add little details.

On this card I simply added ink splatters.

There you go! I hope I could inspire you some. :)