Monday, July 27, 2015


Style your Scrapbook Layout Cover  by Evelynpy

Hey everyone this is Evelyn Pratiwi Yusuf, today I wanna share about how to style your scrapbook layouts like a pro so you can post it to your Instagram and get some love.

If you open your Instagram people always just post their layouts into square format, but sometimes people also love how you post your scrapbook layout in different way. I do it recently in my Instagram @geekgalz.

As your background you can choose white and clean background or wood grain. It depends on you and how your layouts will stand and perfectly match with the background. 

Here some tips for you:

1.       Surround it by pretty little details.
If you have 12x12 or 8,x11 or 6x8 layouts you can just put them right in the middle as center of attention and surround it with pretty little details such as the ingredients of your layout. The pretty ephemeras, washi tapes, ink pad, pen, pencil, everything that you like.  You can put them randomly near your layout, you can spread them at the right and left of your layout and also top and bottom. But remember not to much because the spotlight is in to your layouts not the pretty little details.

Pretty Little Details by Evelynpy

2.       Peeking .

People loves to see some sneak peek! It makes them want to know more about your layout. So why don’t you make them curious about it. Just like previous tip, you can use pretty little details but the layout isn’t longer right in the middle. You can choose side, the right one or the left one. Which side that can makes your layout looks so pretty.

Peeking by Evelynp (1)

3.       Stacking it.

You can also show them how your mojo works for you that day through your instagram photos. Stack your layouts that you already make. You can stake more than two and put in in the middle, make it center of attention. Let people know that you are scrapbook master! No need style it with ephemeras around it, let your layouts pop up by it self.
Stack it by Evelynpy

So grab your iphone or android, prepare your layouts that you will post it, take some pics, edit it using snapseed or vscocam and post it to your instagram.