Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday Tutorial: Monthly Poster Planner


Hi guys! It's Kasia here with a new tutorial for you today. We are so close to the end of July that I though it would be fun to share with you how I made a poster planner for August and decorated it using bits and pieces from my July Citrus Twist Kits! Let's start!


First- gather your materials. You will need a clean and simple planner (if you like my poster design download it here), and embellishments- I love using enamel dots, various stickers and washi tapes and those are the things which I pulled out of my July kits! Other than that get your pens, scissors, ruler and higlighters ready for some creative fun!


You can warm up with decorating the planner template to your liking- I like to add some small, cute embellishments around the main calendar part. I use the little yellow arrow to point the week we are on at the moment. You can add as many or as little things as you wish- just have fun with it! You can add doodles, stamps, stickers or pieces of patterned paper- whatever you fancy :)


I use enamel dots to highlight the events in the month which are related to my work- they immediately grab my attention anytime I look at the planner. I use stickers to mark the birthdays of my friends and family- I love playing with the banner shapes here!


For the longer events like holidays, trips, exam times or special celebrations I like to run a line with my highlighter across the days- that way with one glance I can see how much of my time will be occupied during the month.


The best way of course is to play and experiment with system of signs the most suitable for you! I love to use the pretty bits and pieces which come with my kits on the planner- remember the art and craft supplies are to be used, not hoarded :) I feel really happy looking at my planner every morning- all these cute clouds, stars and dots make me smile!


Have fun with your planners and decorate them the way you love most- they can be a great visual reminder to stay productive and motivated during the upcoming month!
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