Thursday, March 10, 2016

Too much pretty stuff! - Suse Fish

What a lovely problem to have, eh? Liking a kit so much that you want to use it all!

I think the strip of beautiful yellow ribbon first got me thinking about how lovely a pink, egg yellow, black and white layout could look. It's lovely when your layout inspiration comes from the products themselves.

This page tells the story of how unique this little lady is. Very often, Mr Fish and I will exchange glances as she dances about the room singing at the top of her voice and just know that we're both thinking, "Did we have something to do with making this crazy little person?"

I decided to cut my title out of vellum, but as I mention in my process video, stitching carefully around each letter was a bit of a labour love!

I was like a kiddy in a sweet shop with both the embellishments and the stamps - you know when you just freeze, because you want to use it all?

I throughly enjoyed making this one and I'm super pleased with the fresh, bright result. Hope you enjoy the video, friends.

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