Monday, March 28, 2016

Sweet and Simple

Happy Monday friends! As we start the count down to the new month, I wanted to share some quick and easy projects that I made with the beautiful March "Sonoma" Scrapbooking Kit!

Occasionally I feel like I need a break from my usual 9x12 layouts and when this happens I like to try my hand at creating on a smaller canvas.  One of the perks of doing this, is that the projects are relatively quick to put together and they quench my craving to create. 

Up first is a 6x8 layout documenting the last day of preschool and the happiness my daughter felt because Kindergarten was right around the corner. I kept the design simple and focused on creating a vertical line with my patterned paper and title. Using the larger floral embellishment gave some impact to the project and the small details created just the right amount of interest. Sweet and simple!

I am highly practiced at admiring other cardmaker's work, yet am often a little lost when it comes to creating my own. Occasionally though, I feel a little brave and give this tiny canvas a shot! The only way I know how to make a card is to pretend I am working on a scrapbook layout and that is how I approached this one:

Wishing you a great day!



  1. Michelle,
    You are a genius at color and composition! I am always floored by what you create. I will confess here and now to having shamelessly scraplifted from you on numerous occasions ;-) Thank you for sharing your talents with us!
    Maria ()"o)

  2. Cute, cute page! Where are the "happiness" letters from?