Friday, June 20, 2014

Playing with Pocket Life with April

Hi everyone! I'm excited to share a few catch-up weeks in my Pocket Life album with you!

For anyone who follows me on other social media outlets (mainly Instagram and my blog), you may have noticed I was MIA for awhile.  And I think my Pocket Life Week 12 will help provide an answer for that!  It was a big week for me.  To start the week, I found out that my closest girl cousin was 12 weeks pregnant!  And then, to end the week, I found out that I WAS PREGNANT! :)


The left side of my spread documents the night my cousin told me she was preggo.  We went to a paint and wine event and she didn't drink with me which I thought was weird!  Later in the evening, I got my answer why.. she was pregnant!  And yep, I totally took a photo of her bump!


The right side of my spread documents a few big things, but most importantly, the day I took the pregnancy test!  I wasn't sure how I wanted to document my pregnancy.  Should I put it in my PL or not?  I eventually decided that I should.. all my appts that I've been to have been the highlights of my weeks, so how could I not include them?  But on top of documenting them in my PL, I also decided that I would create a separate pregnancy album as well and document all the little details of my pregnancy journey.  (Yes - I'm totally just adding yet another project to my to-do list! :P)


The transparency journaling cards that were included in the PL kit were the perfect addition to the photo!


I wanted to share the other spreads I created using the June PL and PL Embellie Kits since I have been so behind on PL and because they had other pregnancy related events. 

I skipped Week 13 because it was pretty uneventful.  I have one layout that I created to represent week 13 and you can find that here

Week 14 marked our first OBGYN appt where my doctor confirmed our pregnancy with an ultrasound.  It really didn't show much since our little peanut was super tiny, but we did get to see a little flutter of a heartbeat on the screen.  At this point, I was measured to be 5.5 weeks.



Week 15 and 16 were combined into one because they were the weeks that I was in Japan.  The events that are documented here happened in the weekend we had arrived back home from our trip.



We had a follow up OBGYN appt the morning after we arrived from our trip.  Our doctor did another ultrasound and we were surprised to see how big our peanut had grown in just a couple of weeks!  We also got to hear it's heartbeat!  Seriously, what an amazing experience!!!


That's it for my catch up spreads.  I'm pretty much up to date now and as of the date this goes live, I will be 17 weeks into my pregnancy.  My first trimester wasn't too bad, I just had pretty bad fatigue.  I've since gotten my energy back being in my second trimester, so I'm trying to stay on top of PL and just all my projects in general!

For those who stuck around to read through this loooong post, thank you!  Have a great day!

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