Thursday, January 2, 2020

Open Post

Wow!  It's hard to believe that it's January already.  I was trying to clear out my mind and get ready for the new year, and the new date stamp was the perfect fit for my introspective morning! Nothing is better than starting your morning with some coffee and some pretty paper!

I started with the stamp and made my date, then I used the numbers to create a list.  Because I was using lined paper, I put the stamps (with no ink) in the spots I wanted them (double spaced) and then I picked them all up at once with a stamping block.  You could do this with a stamping platform as well if you wanted to.

Once I had my list, I couldn't leave it without adding some of the great die cuts from the add on and the Life Crafted kit.  The fabric tags from the Life Crafted kit are probably my favourite thing right now, they are such great colors and I love the texture they add to a layout.  On this one, I sewed two of them together to start the embellishment cluster on the left.

Thanks for joining me today, I wish you all a good new year, and I hope that you will find this kit and stamp set as inspiring as I have!

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