Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Pocket Life Challenge with Amy Jo Vanden Brink

Wow!  December is flying by, but I'm here to offer you some motivation to work on your pocket pages this month!  The Hustle & Heart kit has some great pieces to help you easily complete some pocket pages, so lets dive into the challenge.

I went back to some older photos for this spread, and sometimes when I have older photos it is hard for me to journal.  There were a lot of stories here, but I used the Current Faves bookmark to quickly focus my storytelling.  I simply cut it in half (this piece was originally 3x8), so it could fit in two pockets instead of using it bookmark style.  The bookmark was useful in dictating the colors of the embellishments I used, so I pulled out the pink ticket and then decided to use the blue word stickers

To anchor down my word stickers, I added a gold star to each of them.  In total, I did this 3 times on the right side and 2 times on the left side so that there was some consistency and repetition across the two pages.  Not all the phrase stickers were exact matches to the stories of the photos, but I challenged myself not to be too picky and sit there deliberating all day.  In the end I found good phrases for each one, even if I might have written something different, I would rather use the supplies I have than not put anything on because it's not exactly perfect.

Here is a look at the whole spread, it ended up having some great color and fun!

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