Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Pocket Page Challenge with Patricia

Hello CTK Friends!  I have found the May Journeys Life Crafted kit to be perfect for our Stay Home COVID-19 days, normal home/routine days, and for Mother's Day.  You can see my Memory Planner page and Life Crafted spreads I created with this kit on this blog post here.

For today, I have a Pocket Page challenge for you:

1 - Use Florals throughout your spread
2 - Cut up Die cuts
3 - Change size and color of photos

I used the florals in several ways throughout this spread.  I decided to go bold with using the beautiful floral pattern paper from the kit as my background.  Then I used two floral die cuts, one on this 6x8 layout and the other on the 4x6 card on the top right.  The bottom right card, already has amazing florals!

Once I had my background pattern paper, I printed my 4x6 photos in black and white.  Once they were printed, I trimmed them down to spread across the length of my 6x8 page.  

With photos in place, I cut the die cut tags from the kit to layer along the photos and add stamping and embellishments.

For the top, right 4x6 card, I used the leftover trimmed die cut tag to add my typed journaling, and then create a cluster with stamping, flower die cut, and embellishments.  My photos is also printed and trimmed the same as the photos on my 6x8 layout.

This card caught my eye right away.  Beautiful as is, so the only thing I added was a print and cut label and a sticker from the kit at the bottom.

This spread is documenting Mother's Day, but these florals have such a beautiful look that they can be used for all genders and occasions!  Hope you decide to incorporate them in your next pocket page, change size and color of photos, and trim die cuts to create clusters throughout your spread!

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