Thursday, May 7, 2020

Life Crafted inspiration with Marivi

Hi again, everybody,

   Today I  will show you this hybrid layout, which I have created with PhotoShop, I would like to show you how it is done without Ps, in case you do not use this editor, but I do not know of another program that works with layers and that is free, so if anyone knows of another, share it in comments please.

   It is very easy to create your own backgrounds and then print them to continue with other decorations.

1. Create new, you choose document size and color, I have chosen white, create and you already have your document.
2.Create a new layer, with the brush tool, you can paint in your document what you want.
3. You are changing the blending modes of your layers or not, that already depends on your tastes.
4.Once you have your design done, we save as .jpg and it has print.  I have created a quick process video in spanish so you can see how the background was created:

  In this case I have used the brushes from this month's collectionThis is Life"Daytripping"Digital Stamp Set.On a background that I stamped with another simulating watercolor, I played a bit with the blending modes and that's it.

  So that the colors are exactly what you want, with the dropper, and having previously opened an image in Ps from which you want to copy the color, you choose it and that's it.

Then I added several elements to finish decorating the photo of my pichurri, which you can see here.

Specifically, I used an ephemera flower and a couple of paper cups from the collection
Life Crafted"JOURNEYS"Kit-May 2020.

I hope you like it, I wish you the best.

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