Saturday, May 16, 2020

3-to-inspire with Nikki

Hello Citrus Twist Kits Friends,

Nikki here with a new 3-to-inspire with the May Life Crafted Kit. Waht do you think, can we start be creative and have fun crafting? So Let´s go. Here are the three recipe ingredients:

1) Use a Photo of you where you start a new adventure
2) Create Trios
3) Use dark blue elements

During these difficult times, vacations and adventures are rare and therefore supposedly no material is available to use the great May Kit "Journeys". But I tell you, there are also adventures during your everyday life. So you don't have to take out the photos of the last few years. You can record your little daily adventures in your Life Crafted album. These are, for example, new adventures, such as a new job, a new hobby, a move or something similar. Use my inspiration from 3-to-inspire and use an image of you where you start the new (little or big) daily adventure.

For example, I recorded my first day at work. I finished my studies in September 2019 and the new year also had a job ready for me. This is a big change and therefore a little adventure.

Next ingredient is "create trios". Trios are pleasant to the eye. There are many ways to apply the 3 rule to keep an eye on the whole project. On my page in the Life Crafted Album, I used the rule of three to generate focus in two places. This is on the top left with a combination of 3 labels and the other on the bottom right around the photo.

In my projects I like to work with one color as a focus. In combination with the rule of 3, the project can work very harmoniously. Particularly strong colors are suitable for such a focus. I used dark blue here. Give it a try too!

I hope you enoyed the little inspiration for the 3-to-inspire and motivated you to get creative yourself. I am glad that you stopped by and we will see us again soon.


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