Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Pocket Life Challenge with Amy Jo

Hey everyone, I've got an awesome pocket page spread to share with you today, and some ideas on how to go back and document those trips that never made it into your albums.  I often find that I do a mini-album or small collection from a trip, and my main album doesn't have the excitement of the trip in it, so for this challenge, I'm asking you to print out a few (5-10) of your facourite pictures from a recent (or not so recent) trip that never made it into your pocket page album, and use the Journeys Life Crafted Kit to get it done!  I'm going to be using some photos from our trip to Banff National Park last summer.
There are so many great pieces in this kit, but for my layout today, I reached for the ephemera, the pleather phrase stickers, and the chipboard.  This is an easy way to narrow down your choices and keep everything cohesive.  My pictures were bright, so the cards I chose were either very bright (the greens) or pretty neutral to keep the photos front and center.

I don't like to over embellish, so I picked out my favourite pieces and put them in different places on the photos (centered, over to the side, on top of the card's phrase) to keep the look interesting, and then added my journaling.

I loved that bear card, and every camping trip we went on last year we had a bear warning (bears had been sighted that day or the day before near the campground), I have never been more thankful that we were travelling in our RV and not tenting!  I added a little bit of the ephemera to the card, as the green was really bright and I wanted to tie it into the other colors I had already used.

Here is a look at the full spread.  The only disadvantage to going back is that I totally forgot the date (my husband looked it up for me after I took these photos)!  But thankfully with most of these photos being from my phone, it was not hard to figure out when we were there!
I hope that you have been finding ways to get creative with your kits, and that you feel inspired to revisit an old trip (it's almost like going back!).   - Amy Jo

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