Thursday, April 11, 2019

Project Life Challenge with Laura Rahel

Hey there CTK fan! I'm Laura Rahel Crosby, a memory keeper and self-love advocate from Charlotte, NC. I'm really excited to share one of my April Citrus Twist Kits projects with you today because if you know me, you know that documenting my story is an important part of my life. I love scrapbooking and sharing that inspiration with you! Today I'm working in my 2018 project life album with the April 2019 Life Crafted kit.

The gorgeous colors in the kit this month are perfect for documenting the week I met my new baby niece last year. The photos I was including were filled with lots of whites, creams, pinks, and grey tones which matched the pinks and yellows in the kit awesomely. Watch the process video to see how this page came together!

My challenge for you is to use this month's life crafted kit in an unconventional way. I used mine to document photos from 10 months ago instead of from this month. From a totally different season in my life and of the year. How will you use your Life Crafted kit?

Happy crafting friends,
Laura Rahel

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  1. It is tough to do a scrapbook or an album of a kid which is growing - especially if you have one after another. But if you succeed to make scrapbook, than this is one of the most valued memory for you as a mom or for him/she after a few years or even decades.
    A day without a scrapbooking is a lost day. - Author Kuverte