Thursday, April 25, 2019

Traveler's Notebook Challenge with Suzanna

Hey friends, Suzanna here! I'm so excited to be sharing a TN challenge with you today. For my TN layout, I took advantage of the freedom that comes with the Life Crafted Album - you can create a TN sized layout, but pop it in your album when you're done. I love that I don't have to fuss with the chunky TN insert or the bound spine, but can still create layouts based on one of my favorite sizes!

Rather than creating two 4x8" layouts like I would for a regular traveler's notebook layout, I created a 4x8" page for one side of the layout, and embellished one of the 3x8" cards that came in this month's kit to use as the other side. To add the smaller card to my pocket, I used my fuse tool to make one of the Life Crafted Album pockets a bit smaller.

For the 4x8" page, I trimmed down a 4x6" photo and added layers with a mix of journal cards and patterned papers that came in the kit. I made the largest layer our of the speckled patterned paper that matched the 3x8" card I planned to use on the opposite side of the layout.

Then I created small embellishment clusters around the photo. My photo was edited to have a subtle pink tone to it, which worked well with the pink/coral patterned papers and embellishments. I love the way everything is complementary, but still has a little pop.

To tie the right side of my layout in with the page I created, I added a few stars and small embellishments in the bottom corner, along with my date stamp.

Finally, I finished off the layout with splatters of gold craft mist in the same places I created my embellishment clusters. I love the way this pulled it all together and really gave it the finishing touch I was looking for.

Now, let's get into the challenge I have for you guys today! The first challenge is to use a photo that is what I will call an "off size." Basically, instead of using a standard sized photo (3x4", 4x8", or 4x6"), I'm challenging you to trim your photo to a size you don't normally use. You'll be surprised how much something as small as this can alter your creative process and overall outcome. I loved playing with this size and plan to do it a lot more in the future!

Next, I challenge you to incorporate a 3x8" card in your layout. Whether that is as a whole page, like I chose to do, or just as an element on your overall layout - that's up to you. Get creative and jump out of your comfort zone! Lastly, if you're feeling up for another challenge, I'll encourage you to use your journal cards as layers in your layout. One of my favorite uses for journaling cards are as layering pieces on layouts of all sizes. They work great!

I hope this layout and challenge gave you a bit of inspiration for your next TN layout. I'll be back soon with more crafty inspiration, but in the mean time, you can share your creations with me over on Instagram! I can't wait to see what y'all are making with this month's kits!

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