Thursday, September 19, 2019

Travelers Notebook and Bible Journaling with Patricia

Hello beautiful CTK friends!  I hope you are enjoying or soon will be enjoying your kit(s).  The colors and patterns of the papers in the Life Crafted kit, inspire me like crazy.  They inspire me also to try something I don't normally do, and that is to use a very vibrant and busier pattern paper for a background.  

So picking out my background pattern paper, I adhered that into my Traveler's Notebook on the right side.   Before finishing that side, I went to the left side and used another pattern paper, but in a neutral color and less busy pattern.  Then using the Let's Wander stamp set with the color inspiration from the pattern paper on the right, I started stamping.  I did some stamping right on the pattern paper, but did a lot of stamping onto more pattern paper and then detail cut out.  That soft orange really complements the right side.  

For my photos, I used the This is Life digital stamps available this month in Photoshop Elements for my photos.  If you don't have software to work with your photos, you could also stamp directly onto your photo, like I did on my pattern papers.  I was able to create a clipping mask, so the photo shows only within the first circle and have a border.  If stamping, it would not have that white circle border.  I filled in with a little bit of embellishments and stamping to finish it, but since it covers most of the page, I turned to the subscriber's Explore Cut Aparts, using one of the labels to type my journaling in Photoshop Elements.

Then back to the right side, I printed a larger photo, layered with the same pattern paper I used for one of the circles on the left, added some die cuts, and the puffy stickers from the kit.  

Keeping the details on this side lighter, lets the photo and the paper be balanced.

I love the vintage feel but also modern feel of this spread.  I have another project to share with a video!  Inspired by all of my leftovers, I decided to share a Bible Journaling entry with you today.

I used a combination of the subscriber cut file for this this month called Find Joy Everyday, using just the three hearts from it, die cuts and alpha stickers from the Life Crafted kit, the Crate Paper stickers and die cuts from the Add-On kit, the Let's Wander Stamp, The Travelers Notebook Stamp, and the Typewriter Font Stamp.  With those items picked, I started by stamping "wisdom," adding the hearts cut file, watercolors, journaling and then added in the stickers and die cuts.

I stayed with lots of blues and greens, but I love that tiny bit of the pink from the die cut heart.  To highlight my verses, I used the watercolors.  I was only going to do one side, but since part if it carried over, and I had my supplies out, I kept going!  

I used the Floral Circle cut file from this month to start this side, but used the clear gesso that I use to prep my pages as the glue for this larger piece.  I did the same as I did on the left side using the watercolors, and then added the die cuts, stickers and stamps.

If you do any kind of art journaling, Bible Journaling, anything other than documenting, this is a fun way to use your leftovers and try a different creative process.  You can watch my video on my YouTube channel here in HD or below.  Thank you so much for stopping by!!  Happy creating!

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  1. I LOVE all of the circles in the TN spread Patricia! And, I think your choice of the patterned paper looks FABULOUS:)