Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Pocket Life Challenge with Amy Jo

I am so excited to be here sharing my first blog post with you all, and on one of my favourite topics pocket pages!  My challenge to you today is to try to use at least 5 different supplies on your Pocket Page layouts.  I have a great layout to share with you today featuring the Explore Life Crafted Kit.

5 different supplies on 1 layout

1. Pocket Cards

I always look through every new kit for my favourite cards and start putting together color schemes.  The pink, green and yellow was so easy to pull out.  I usually feel a little torn between saving and using the best cards, but when you have the perfect photos for them it is easy to use them.

2. Puffy Stickers
These puffy stickers are so great for adding a bit of dimension to a layout, and the colors in this kit are just amazing.  If you find that there is a color you are missing in your layout, this can be an easy way to add it.  I did manage to sneak one of the paper stickers onto this layout as well, they truly are some of the easiest embellishments to use.

3. Letter Stickers

I always like to use letter stickers on a layout.  Sometimes these are the easiest thing to keep in a drawer for the perfect time, but the perfect time is usually now!  If you need to create some repetition or cohesiveness, think about using them a few times in more than one place, that is a simple way of tying some of your photos or elements together.  Don't be afraid to put them right on top of a photo either!

4. Ephemera

This element is almost too easy to use!  There are always a few pieces in any ephemera package that will fit on any layout.  Sometimes the challenge is not using all of them in one shot!

5. Stamps

If your layout is feeling bland, or like it is a little too simple, try using stamps to add an extra layer of fun.  I love to stamp directly on photos, but you can also make your own journaling or filler cards with the stamp set in the kit!

Thanks for joining me today, I'd love to see your layouts using as many different types of embellishment as you can!

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