Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Pocket Life Challenge with Patricia Roebuck

Welcome Citrus Twist Kits friends!  This is Patricia with a Pocket Life Challenge using the Explore Life Crafted kit with a 6x8 pocket page.  I actually have three ideas or challenges to bring to you today!

The papers that come in the Life Crafted kit are perfect for my love of 6x8 layouts, for example, my project from last month here.  Instead of using the 6x8 pattern paper as is for a layout, my first challenge is to cut it to fit the pockets of a 6x8 pocket page.

Challenge 1:  Cut a 6x8 pattern paper from Life Crafted kit to fit the pockets of a 6x8 pocket page

What I love about this idea, is it creates repetition from each pocket and makes for a great canvas to then begin adding photos, die cuts, embellishments, etc.  I used a 6x8 pocket format of 4-3x3, and 3-2x2.  

Challenge 2:  Use the Explore die cuts, stickers, and cut files to create movement and flow

My idea was to create a flow, a continuous design or motion.  The same pattern paper in the pockets helped to start that idea, and now I want to continue it with the die cuts, stickers, and cut files.  I used the Beyoutiful free subscriber cut file, cut from white cardstock, and adhered it to extend from the first pocket to the right pocket, adding in the butterflies from the same cut file and filling in with die cuts and stickers from the kit.  The 'it's the weekend' is stamped with the Life Crafted September stamp.  

I used the small 2x2 pockets for journaling and more ways to add stickers and die cuts from the kit to extend off of the pockets to create that movement and flow, as well as a creative way to include my date with more kit stickers.  The three stars stamp image is from the Travelers' Notebook September stamp.  

Using the die cuts like this allowed me to use the golden ticket die cut on three of my pockets.  Two of the 2x2 pockets above horizontally, and another part of that same die cut vertically on my photo on the right side of this spread.  To continue the movement of my spread, I added another butterfly from the Beyoutiful cut file and a die cut, trimming the excess off the side for my next pocket.  Before adding, I stamped the circle image from the Let's Wander stamp set in a complementary color, the 'no time to be bored' sentiment in black from the Travelers' Notebook September stamp, then adding the puffy stickers from the kit.

Arrows always create great motion on your projects!  For my 3x4 photo in my next pocket, I used the rest of that golden ticket vertically, with more of the kit die cuts along the edge of that photo, trimming off the excess.

Challenge 3:  Select favorite photos taken from over a weekend or a week

If you are a true Project Lifer, you may already be doing this, but if like me and tend to select photos from the same day or same event, challenge yourself to break out of that routine and maybe try documenting a weekend like I did here.  This idea really is a great at-a-glance look at the events of the weekend and also tell a story.  For the pocket on the right, I used a 3x4 card from the kit and the 'A no-spend weekend!' sentiment from the Life Crafted September stamp to journal more about the weekend.

My bottom pocket is a 4x6.  I used one of the 4x6 cards from the Life Crafted kit, and adhered my 3x4 photo on the right.  Adding stamping from the Let's Wander, more die cuts, as well as butterflies to repeat the movement and flow, creating balance also with the butterflies on the left side.

Hope you get your September Explore Life Crafted kit soon and try out these simple but great design tricks and/or break out of your pocket page routine to try documenting a weekend for your next Pocket Life spread!  Enjoy!

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