Wednesday, December 5, 2018

In My Studio - Tools

Hello CTK friends!  This month a few members of the Creative Team are sharing  photo's and details of how they store their various tools!

Cece here showing you the tools I use. Here’s the mug where I store my scissors, punchers, markers, pens, pencils, dirty brushes, water brush pens. Then this mug goes on my craft cart so it’s easily accessible.

There are so many things in the craft world that I wish I had but it’s hard to get a hold of some things while living in a foreign country so I’m leaning how to just use what I have in my stash and I’m still able to get by pretty well. 🤗

Tool storage, right now, for me is in brown cardboard boxes! Not because I’m trying to make things hard to find but because my family is moving!  So instead I’m showing you my top twelve tools & supplies! 

  1. Teeny tiny watercolor brush 
  2. Faber Castel Big Brush Pens 
  3. Acrylic block & acrylic stamps 
  4. Tim Holtz mini stapler 
  5. Washi tape 
  6. Jumbo bow clip
  7. Paint
  8. Date stamper 
  9. Die Cuts 
  10. Mini Pom Pom maker
  11. Tabs
  12. Tape runner 

Whenever I travel this is what gets packed! I can’t wait to hear what some of your favorite tools are and how you neatly or not so neatly store them!! 

Ashley aka @magmagandme 

Honestly, most of my tools are spread out around my room. I organize more by type or what they’re used for. But I like to keep my most used tools within arms reach so when I recently built my giant pegboard system, I added some cute areas to hold some tools. My favorite holders are these macrame hanging mason jars.

I taught myself macrame for the sole purpose of making these. Ha! They hold scissors, pens and paintbrushes. Another container I have is this wire basket from Walmart. It holds punches and staplers and fits perfectly on my pegboard shelves.

I store most of my tools as scissors, rulers, different pen's, staplers and so on in my tool-bag (makes it easy just to pick with you if you are of for a scrap-crop).

My tape's, date stamps and regular black ink pads I store in a little separate basket.

Also I've a big basket-tower on my desk for miscellaneous bits and pieces.

Hi there! We live in an apartment which means that i have to share my time and space with my family.   Well, that also means many of my tools are stashed in drawers and in designated spaces for my supplies.

Our large display bookcase in the living room has a few empty shelves, and it is where i store most of my mixed media stuff. I love decorative/funky jars that can housemy brushes, knifes, etc, and since you can see through the glass these also serve as decor pieces.  The lower drawers of this book case house my machines, this way they are out of the way and the view of the public.

A few months ago we bought an industrial type bookcase for the dining room so that i can house some of my scrapbook supplies (yes, we are surrounded by my stash!), since it is open, I try at best to keep everything organized (this is a craftermath!).  I love having my most used tools just a stretch away from the dining room table since i do most of my work and videos from there!

Most of my tools sit on or right near my main desk.  I picked up this "kids craft bucket" spinning from an online shop in Australia and it's perfect for holding almost everything! The individual buckets are super handy in that I can just it pick up and carry it to wherever I need it to be at the time.  I can fit so much "stuff" in this too, I love it.

The only other tools I use often are my typewriter (which sits on the desk, right in the middle so I can use it all the time!), my cameo (which I've parked underneath my desk on a small rolling table) and my sewing machine (which sits just to the left of my main desk)!

How do you store your tools? We would love to see/hear (just share a post on the Facebook Fanpage!).

Is there anything you would like to see from our "In My Studio" posts? Please leave a comment below and we'll be sure to include it in the future!

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