Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Pocket Life Challenge with Amy Jo Vanden Brink

I'm excited to be back this month with another pocket page challenge for you!  This time, my idea is a little bit more about working around your supplies, than your photos.

Today's challenge is: Leave a pocket partially see-through.

  As always, I recommend gathering your photos first, but this time instead of looking at the cards next, I went to the ephemera.  I absolutely loved the little frames that have the photos inside them, and while they are not 3x4, I decided to let one float in a pocket. To make it look intentional (rather than just too small) I layered a flower and a puffy phrase sticker on top, and put in an Instax printed photo. 
It ended up leaving a nice peek-through layering effect that is incredibly charming!  Often people worry about the back side, and I have a second Instax photo layered on the back of this one, and there are so many similar sized flowers in the ephemera kit that I can easily just use one on the back as well. 
The rest of the spread came together easily.  The colors of this kit flow so well together, that it is not hard to pull a good group of them onto the page, and because I didn't have six items in mind to fill the 6 boxes at the top right, I used the letter stickers to spell out larger words and then wrote about them in the box above or below. 

Right side, full view. 

Left side, full view.   Thanks for joining me today for a look at pocket pages and a new idea that I hope you try out! ~ Amy Jo

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