Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Pocket Life Challenge with Amy Jo

Hello everyone!  I'm back with my favourite post of the month, Pocket Page Challenge!  I'm so excited to get you working on your pocket page layouts.  For this month's challenge, I'm going to get you using those big numbers & the puffy alphabet stickers.

I started out with my 1,2,3 and then filled in my photos around the numbers.  The spread was mostly pictures of myself or projects that I was doing around the house and garden, so the "tell your story" card from the ephemera was a great way to get my journaling in.  
I used the puffy stickers to add some black to the spread (always a great idea if it feels too fluffy or like it doesn't have a strong focal point) and the cards were the perfect fit around my photos.  I tried to let the big numbers do most of the work on this spread, they have a great impact, and I right justified them on the card because I preferred that to centered, but you could also easily let them take center stage too!

Thanks for checking out my pocket pages this month, I hope this gets you working on yours!

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