Saturday, March 30, 2019

3-to-Inspire with Suzanna

Hello, hello friends! Suzanna here. I'm back today with a 3-to-inspire project to share with y'all. This was a fun one and I hope you get a bit of inspiration from it!

If you're new to 3-to-inspire posts, basically I'll provide 3 prompts for you to use when creating your project. You can use all of them, or a select few, whatever you like! Now, let's get started...

Here are the prompts for this project:

1. Stamps - Stamps are a fun way to add detail to your project and customize your embellishments, titles, and more!

2. Word Strip Stickers - I love a good word strip sticker! Use them in your embellishment clusters, as your journaling, or as a border around your photo. The possibilities are endless!

3. Layered Labels - Get crafty and layer up some labels!

Here's a look at my layout:

I created a two-page layout that fits perfectly in my Life Crafted album pocket pages. I'm using this as a "me album" this year, which basically means I just create a bunch of random layouts that make me smile. I don't worry about keeping it chronological, documenting every detail, etc. This is just a place for me to get crafty and have fun!

Let's start with my stamping! I mixed a couple stamps together to add a title sentiment at the top of my photo. I love how customizable stamps are as an embellishment, title, etc.

My second prompt was word strip stickers. It's no secret that I love word strip stickers. I'm not a huge journaler on my layouts, so I love that I can get my feelings across with just a few phrase strips! I clustered mine in a group of three on the corner of my photo.

The last prompt was layered labels. A lot of times we get stuck thinking we need to use products in their standard use. Well, I'm hoping this will challenge you to jump out of that thinking and get creative! I love layering labels, especially to add a little detail to a bit of journaling, or in this case, my date!

I hope you have as much fun with this challenge as I did! I can't wait to see your creations!

xo, Suzanna

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