Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sunday Sketch with Kira

Sometimes, a sketch is so perfect, that you should just follow it to a T.  That's exactly what I did with today's sketch!  Here's a look:

And here's the layout I created:

I started by choosing my two photos.  I had taken the one on the right just last month.  I love the sweet, yet serious, expression on my son's face.  And then I got a notification from Facebook that I had memories "on this day".  When I checked the memory, the adorable photo on the left popped up.  How crazy that he gave me this perfect expression two years apart on the same exact day?!

I knew my title had to be "on this day" since that's what it says when you check those Facebook memories, and the rest of the layout was pretty identical to the sketch.  I even kept the large "2" in place, since there's two photos, two years apart, and my son is currently two years old.  So many meanings there!

I used a Life Crafted card as my base layer, and added another smaller layer from the patterned paper on top, using a bit of craft foam to bump it up. I used lots of bits and pieces from the LC kit around the page.  Only adding in a tiny bit of twine and ribbon for just a bit of addition texture.

I finished off the page with some black splatters, and left off any journaling since I felt the photos did all the work for me.  And that's it!  I hope you can play along with this sketch too!

xo, Kira


  1. I like how you combine the bird with the photo: the bird kisses the boy! Lovely! Congrats to beautiful scrapbook page.
    Craft is a trick you make up to let you write the poem. - Kuverte

  2. here's my take on this sketch: thank you for the inspiration! <3