Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Meet our March Guest Designer - Krystal Becker

Today we are so excited to share with you are next Guest Designer for March, Krystal Becker.  If you are not already following Krystal then you really should - her Instagram feed is an absolute delight to scroll through!  You can see more of Krystal's amazing work on her blog and YourTube channel!



My name is Krystal Becker, and I live in a small, rural, college town in Indiana. I have been with my partner, Jesse, for nearly 19 years, and we have four furry children (two dogs and two cats). They are my everything! By day I'm a librarian. I currently work as the Marketing and Communications Director of our local public library.

I've been crafting nearly my entire life. I used to spend hours with my grandmother making little gifts for other family members out of painted wood, paper, fabric, pipe cleaners, or whatever else she could find in her closets. My style today is a little bit eclectic. I used to be very minimalist and only used clean white backgrounds, but I've been dipping my toes in the mixed media pond lately, and I'm starting to embrace a "messier" look. However, I always select limited color palettes for my projects to keep things cohesive and to prevent them from looking too overwhelming to my eye.


When did you start scrapbooking?

I made my very first scrapbook when I was in high school (in the mid 90's). I didn't know that there were special products for scrapbooking back then, so I just used whatever I could find around the house (construction paper, confetti, bits from magazines, etc.). It wasn't until around 2005, after I graduated from college and had some spare time, that I discovered the world of papercrafting. I've basically been addicted to pretty paper ever since. 

What is something most people would not know about you?

Scrapbooking is not my only hobby; I also sing. I've been singing my entire life, and even spent a year touring with a production company right out of high school. I'm currently in a local jazz band and also sit in with an old-timey band at times. 

What are the 3 scrapbooking products you can’t live without?

Only 3?! This is going to be difficult. I definitely need patterned paper, and I use labels on nearly everything I create, so I would definitely need some of them. Then I'd probably want something with some kind of dimension. Enamel dots are usually my go-to. So yeah, I'd say patterned paper, labels, and enamel dots.

What do you love about the new Life Crafted kit?

I am seriously in love with the Life Crafted albums! I struggled with the idea of traveler's notebooks for a long time. I like the size, but they seemed so limiting to me. With the Life Crafted album, you get the same size but with the flexibility to add in smaller bits and lots of dimension. The Life Crafted kits make it so easy to put together pages for the album. They have everything you need, all perfectly coordinated. I can sit down and create multiple pages in no time at all, which is important when you have limited time to create. 

Finish this sentence "If you could see my scrapbooking space right now . . . "

...you might be appalled. :) My space is far from ideal. I have a wall of make-shift shelving in the sun room of our tiny cottage and an Ikea desktop precariously perched on some small wire shelves. Our two cats spend a lot of time in this room, so I'm always fighting a battle with cat hair (and usually losing). It's generally a hot mess. But I make it work. :)

And here is just a little peek into her creative space:


The pages I created are in my "Books in 2019" album. (I had previously posted the cover page I made for the album using the February CTK kit on Instagram). I made four two-page spreads documenting four of the books I've read so far in 2019.

Thanks so much for having me as a guest designer!  Krystal

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