Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Memory Planning!

Hello there!  I'm so excited to share with you how I use my Happy Planner to scrapbook - or something I [and the planner community] call memory planning. I love using my Citrus Twist kits and stamps for this project - there are so many supplies that are perfect for this!

I couldn't even begin to share with you my favorite part here.  I would start to say that it was the blue alphabet stickers but then change my mind to the July This is the Life stamp set.  Yes, that might be my favorite part! It's just so perfect as a way to document the activities and appointments we had this week!

I'm just smitten with the layered patterned papers.  They really look good together [contrasting pattern & colors] and fill up what would be an empty space without them!

There's that stamp again! Isn't it so cute and perfect for an activity?  I know that this one will get used a lot, especially with the Skyland Pocket Life kit stamp.  The arrow is perfect inside that box!  And, I love how the arrow symbolizes movement - which is obviously what's going on!

Now, let's see the same kit on another layout!

As you can see, I have added not only photos, but journaling, embellishments AND our daily plans.  
I feel like looking at this you can see how well the Skyland Pocket Life kit goes with my photos and the stories. [I mean, a cactus to use during a week in Arizona!?  Yes, please!]

As you can see, stamping plays a big part in the layout, as do repeating stickers. I can see myself using that arrow sticker for months to come in my planner -- it's such a great way to notate events!  It stands out and really works alone or in a series of plans!  Don't be afraid to use a stamp [or sticker] in your planner that might have been designed for something else!  They can work great in your planner!  [See?  Not only the arrow sticker but the puffy heart stickers!  Those are great for the bullet points, too!]

On this side there is a little less functionality but here's where we get to shine!  Thursday I had some free space, so I added a punched portion of patterned paper.  It's PERFECT in this space!  Even better when layering a portion of a pocket life card that I trimmed down.  [I didn't need the whole card but I really did love this phrase so cutting it made sense!]

Isn't it gorgeous?  And it matches the patterned paper perfectly!

Now in this weekly layout I added stamping and stickers -- but I also added a variety of sizes and shapes in terms of photos.  I love to change the orientation -- it really changes up the look of the page.  But, changing the size can really work out depending on how much you have to document.  Not much going on?  Add larger photos!  Have too much going on?  Smaller photos will work great!

How I print my photos: I use an app on my iPhone X called PicFrame.  I use either the 2:3 or 3:2 ratio, depending on the orientation of my photos.  Most often I use the 4 equal size photos, but every now and again will change it up depending on the needs of my page.  After I have saved the collage to my phone, I will then print using my Canon Selphy printer.  However, you could just as easily upload to your favorite photo printer!

Have you tried using your Citrus Twist kits in your planner?  Make sure you share those images with us on Facebook - we'd love to see how you're using them!

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