Thursday, July 19, 2018

GraceBox Creating with Ashley

 Hey everyone! Ashley @magmagandme here. Happy Thursday. Today I am pulling out my July GraceBox Kit & grabbing some old paints to have a gooey, creative time! The GraceBox included a 12x6 sticker sheet from IF - All people, All Nations - the colors and patterns are amazing - I primarily used them for this page in Isaiah. 
First, I started with some coordinating acrylic paints that I picked up for 50 cents at Walmart years ago. I used the super sophisticated painting technique of using my fingers. I find that it makes for a lighter touch and more natural paint smears than using a brush. A little here and a little there - perfect background for the fun stickers! TIP: If you find your page getting too crazy - just add a little white on top to tone it all down again.
 There is no right or wrong way to apply it - have fun.  
Then I added a layer of stamping from the GraceBox Stamp. It comes with 2 patterns this month - crosses and polka dots. PERFECT! I added them sporadically around the page. 
Then comes the stickers! Layer them, cluster them, throw in a strip of washi to make the sticker color pop. Again, there is no right or wrong way to do - whatever look good to the eye. Sometimes I want to hoard the cute stickers and not use them but my new years crafting resolution was to USE ALL THE THINGS ALL THE TIME - no holding back. If you have the subscription you can rest assured that another great box of supplies is coming net month - so use it! 

After I stickered, I outlined a few of them to help them pop against my busy background. The July Stamp has so many great one liners! Even though they don't all go with my featured verses - I just had to use them to show you how versatile they will be in your Bible Journaling. Sometimes I think my handwriting just doesn't cut it, so it's nice to have a stamp that can quickly give me that type look to enhance my page. 

Final step for this page was to hunt through my collection of clips. I love finding coordinating clippies that will top it off! I leave my Bible open on a counter and look at it for a few days until I can create again. It's a work of art and should be shown off! So add that accessory and make it beautiful! 

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