Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tuesday Tutorial with Melanie

Hello friends! Mel B here today to share a fun TN tutorial. I love working with TNs and will usually use small pictures to create a spread, but what about using a standard size such as 4x6? Can one still create a TN spread with a large picture, of course they can! So if you aren’t able to print small size picture I will give you some tips on working with a 4x6 picture. To create this spread I used the Skyland Pocket Kit along with the One of those Days stamp set

Today I am using a vertical 4x6 picture (for my next blog post I’ll use a horizontal 4x6 picture). I did want to use the full size, I didn’t have much editing to do for this picture, the only thing I did to modify it is cut off a ¼ inch from the left size, as I wanted to leave some white space to the right of this picture.

The beauty of working with large picture is that they can be used as is or trimmed down, a 4x6 picture could easily be converted to a 4x4 picture or even smaller, especially if you have a lot of white space in the picture.

Since my picture is rather large and dark in color, I wanted to keep the rest of the design light and airy. I opted for a grid design (my go to!) and kept the focus on a light color palette.

I hope you are inspired to use 4x6 pictures in your TN spread, maybe this is even an opportunity to go back and use older pictures that might not have been documented!! Happy crafting friends!

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