Monday, July 9, 2018

In My Studio - Scrapbook Team

Hi friends!  This month the Scrapbook Team are giving us a peak into their crafty spaces and sharing some wonderful ideas on how they store their alpha's!

I have a super cute Large wire basket that holds all of my large Alphas on the left half. On the right side it holds different Thickers and 6x12 Sticker packs. I color code my alphas, which makes it easier to pick and choose by color then size. I currently share the space with the rest of my Thickers and sticker collection because it’s quite a large multifunctional basket. 

For the smaller alphas, I keep them in a sweet little 4x6 photo album that was gifted to me to hold baby pictures! I love how they fit perfectly, and I can quickly flip through every page and pick what catches my eye at that moment. These are two very functional ways of storing my alphas that work like a charm for me!

Hi Everyone! Amanda here, sharing a peak into how I store my Alphas and Thickers. Firstly, I don't have an actual craft room - I work on the go; quite often on the playroom floor, dining table or at my work place studio. As such, I tend to store my scrappy items in 12 x 12 resealable plastic bags for easy travel.

Except for my pretty CTK kits! I like them to travel in style!  How super cute is this?! Everything I need in one handy lil tote! Adorable!

After a while, I do move my supplies into storage though - here's a peak at where I keep some of my letters/alphas. Deep containers with lids to 'hide' the mess, lol! 
I really like everything tidy and orderly! 

I keep at of my stickers in one bin, and to keep my stash from getting out of control, I don’t allow myself to keep any more than what can fit in the bin. My alphabet stickers take up about half of this bin. I used to keep them organized by color but found even if I was originally looking for a certain color, I’d still flip through all of the other colors as well. So now they’re just thrown in all together with no real organization to them. 

Hello CTK friends! Anna here to share a little tip on how I store my Alphas. Each month after going through my kits I received, I will try to arrange all the products in one desk organizer so I can keep grabbing them when I'm doing my projects. I enjoy having all the products I will be working for that particular month right in front of me on my desk.

It is true that when I lcan easily see them, not only inspiration will pour but I'll actually use them on my project (win - win, lol!). Once that month is done, I'll put my alphas aside in a smaller plastic box from Dollar Store and prepare for the new kit to arrive. I store my plastic box in my Ikea Kallax shelf unit.

Anna xo

Hello everyone!  Nathalie here showing a bit of her creative organization.   Well, when you have to share your creative space with your family (we live in an apartment, so no studio for me! ) the best option is to find large cute containers where you can place your goodies.  We have opted for a large bookcase (with doors) to house most of my scrapbooking supplies. I tend to keep alphas with their original collections,  but also house all my CTK alphas in this chicken wire basket inside the book case.  

Usually as soon as the kits come home, I keep them at hand and place them in an Iris case, and put the alphas in this container, as well as the current PL kit.  This makes it easier for me to transport  to  and from the work table.  Plus having them in this basket makes it easier for me to use them, as I can easily find them.  And yes, there is also a container with my journaling pens and branding strips in this box (I love keeping brandings strips!! )

Also, I have one of the small PL Kit bags filled with all the PL kit and small alphas (these are really handy when working in my TNs).  As soon as a new kit/month arrives, all the leftover pieces are separated and labelled before going into small zip bags like this. 

Hi friends!  All of my storage solutions tend to work on the basis that "if I can't see it, then I wont use it" so I've got all my alphas in one big wire basket.  The basket sits in an old kitchen hutch that is behind one of the doors in my room (hutch also holds all my mini albums/layout albums/other embellishments too!).  

I would love to say everything is neat and tidy but I usually end up cramming alphas in that wire basket until it's so full that I'm forced to sort/purge ;)  But on the plus side, no matter how full it gets, I find it's super easy to flip through and find what I need, or I can pick the basket up and take to my desk so I can sort / find what I want from there.  It's by no means a glamorous storage solution but it works for me!

I am keeping my larger alphas in this wooden box right next to my desk roughly sorted by size and color, so I can flip through and find what I need.  I keep them in the original packaging and cut the top off, so I can easily pull them out when I want to use them.

My smaller Alphas go in the wooden organizer on my desk.  They are sorted by alpha shaped alphas and square alphas, if that makes sense.  The cute Citrus Twist puffy alphas have their very own spot in my storage.


We always love seeing how our Creative Team members store their things!  How do your store your alphas? We would love to see/hear (leave a post on the Facebook Fanpage!).

Is there anything you would like to see from our "In My Studio" posts? Please leave a comment below and we'll be sure to include it in the future!

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