Wednesday, May 9, 2018

In My Studio with the Pocket Life Team

Excited to share another installment of our "In My Studio"post and this month the Pocket Life Team are sharing how they store their stamps!

Anyone else out there addicted to buying all the stamps?! I have a large stamp collection which I store in several ways, depending on the type and what I use them for. I keep my most used stamps under my desk so that they’re always handy. These include a small container of background stamps for art journaling, and another with a selection of my fav roller stamps. I rotate these out every few months with the rest of my roller stamp stash to make sure I’m not always using the same ones.

I store the bulk of my clear stamps in Avery Elle pockets in two containers in my main craft room. I also keep about six months of the clear stamps from the CT PL kit handy with my roller stamps because they’re so small and easy to store. I also have a box hidden in my craft wardrobe of older, chunkier wooden stamps which are trickier to store. I’ve been trying really hard to use stamps more frequently on my layouts in 2018 and keeping them close to my workspace has really helped this scrappy resolution.

I am kind of an organize junkie so when it comes to stamp organization I like to have everything in a set place.  I purchased this cardboard organizer from IKEA and I love all the compartments that allow me to separate all the different sizes of stamps!  I even have spots for my 3x4, 4x6 and 6x8 exclusive Citrus Twist Kits cards and papers! I like to keep my CTK goodies close by and on display, because they are so pretty, so I place my organizer on the top of my KALLAX cube organizer. By keeping all my goodies organized it allows me to create quicker and not feel stressed out because I can’t find something. Everything is right where it should be, organized! 

In scrapbooking staff, stamps are finally my favorites! In My opinion, they allow to bring the finishing touch to our creations and especially to personnalize them.  I Love the wide choice offered by Citrus. There is something for everyone and especially for all themes !
But it's true that we tend to accumulate them and that it quickly becomes a puzzle to organize them.
I noticed that when they were too tidy, we tend to forget. So, now I've come up with another storage technique. I have them all in a basket and arranged by size (large, medium, small). And every time I finish a mini album or a page, I take out my basket and I put aside all those whose theme could match.
In a way, I go through all my buffers and proceed by elimination. This allows me to do more regularly around all my buffers and better use them.

I needed a better way to store all the lovely little 2x3 stamps that come in my Pocket Life kits, so I grabbed a 9x12 binder and some pocket pages and stored them all in there! Now I can easily bring the binder to my desk and choose the perfect stamp when I need them.

This is Jennie and in my studio I have stamps in 3 different places. Next to my desk I have my Citrus Twist Kits Favorites. In one of the smaller spaces of my Antonious tray I have all the stamps from past kits. Inside my desk drawer, I have my favorite stamps for pocket pages. Inside a drawer in my room I have a few baskets to divide my stamps by card making, mail art and pocket pages. I also have a few rubber stamps. Before I had everything like this I had them in a drawer where I store them in cereal boxes that were cut diagonally. It was a good method but this way I have stamps within reach so I use them more often. 

I like my craft room really organized and so I always try to find the easiest and most neat way to store away my pretty things.
When it comes to my stamps I had a hard time finding out what worked best for me, so they have moved around my room a lot.  From being organized on bookbinder rings by size and brand to being stored in a Raskog cart so I could flip through all, but nothing really satisfied my organizing OCD ;-)
Until I recently saw somewhere that they could be perfectly stored away into pocket page protectors! Yay! 
At the moment I'm using two 12x12 albums for clear stamps + a 6x8 for rubber stamps and they are stored into page protectors according to their size.  I put some white cardstock in between the sets, so i can use both sides of the page protector for most efficient use of space.
The stamp sets don't all fit right away, but then I just cut down the two plastic protector sheets a little and it's fixed :-)  Lastly I label all my stamps by brand and when they come into a kit they are labeled by month and kit as well.  
I love the fact I can just grab an album, flip through some pages and get the stamps I need in an instance.  This way of storing my stamps is definitely satisfying my organizing OCD! Haha :-)

I don’t have much space for storage of my scrapbooking supplies so I really have to maximize the use of bins and other items as much as possible. I do love to keep the corresponding kit items together, the kit pouches are ideal and fit perfectly in this wood crate. In this crate I keep all my past kit in their corresponding pouches, the stamps are stored on the outside of the pouches. This way the stamps are visible, which for me is ideal because if I do not see something I will not use it. Having all my kits together also helps me to make the most of supplies, I love mixing past kits and stamp sets. 

And here's a peek into how Trina stores her stamps!

I love getting a glimpse into our Design Team's creative storage ideas!  How do your store your stamps? We would love to see/hear (leave a post on the Facebook Fanpage!).

Is there anything in particular you would like to see from our "In My Studio" posts? Please leave a comment below and we'll make sure to include it in future!

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